Massachusetts commercial real estate

In an effort to inform the public about its latest proposed development―an 80 unit apartment building near the MBTA station and located within Newburyport’s newly proposed Smart Growth district―MINCO Corp. is taking a modern approach: The company recently launched a blog as well as a Facebook and LinkedIn page.
Over the next few months, a series of blog posts will feature topics about all things One Boston Way, a smart growth development designed to revitalize the area near the MBTA train station in accordance with Massachusetts’ Chapter 40R zoning.
The blog posts will be available on MINCO’s website and shared on Facebook and LinkedIn where renderings, Smart Growth meeting notifications, and other relevant information can also be found.
“Open lines of communication with the community are important to us,” said Lou Minicucci, the founder and president of MINCO. “We want to be transparent and provide as much information as we can about this exciting initiative to help the public understand both 40R and our intentions.”
“The blog should be seen as a complete information resource,” Minicucci said.
A post titled “40R 101: Learning the basics of Smart Growth zoning” kicked off the blog in mid-March. Upcoming topics include, for example, details on the proposal, a history of the efforts to revitalize the area, a look at other communities where 40R has been applied, and how the One Boston Way initiative coincides with the goals of the Newburyport Master Plan.
An increasing number of companies are using blogs to attract customers, build brand awareness, and position themselves as industry leaders. Using a blog and social media to communicate with the public is a new take on that trend.
“MINCO is an innovative company, just like One Boston Way is an innovative initiative,” Minicucci said. “We hope people will take advantage of this opportunity to learn more about a development that comes with a host of benefits to Newburyport.”
To learn more, visit, like MINCO on Facebook, or follow the company on LinkedIn.